Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Letter to Syndicated Sex Advice Columnist Dan Savage III

I am a heterosexual guy in my late 20s. Although I know there are people into all sorts of weird things sexually, I’d describe myself as pretty vanilla. MILFs aren’t really my thing.

Last month I met an attractive woman at a bar. I’ll call her Barbara. She seemed a little bit older than me, but a few years age difference age is no big deal. When Barbara told me that she was 46, it absolutely floored me. I went to the bathroom for a quick bout of soul-searching and figured that if I was flirting with Barbara when I thought she was 33, I shouldn’t stop just because she’s 46.

One thing led to another, and we ended up back at her place for what turned into a great sex. Older women have more experience in bed, and it shows. We’ve seen each other several times since then.

I work with a guy who is my age I’ll call Tim. During slow times at work, we talk about our personal lives. I thought it was unusual for younger men to be sexually active with older women, but Tim said he carried on a six-month relationship with a 39 year-old chemistry professor while at Rutgers. I thought this was highly unethical, but mostly on the professor’s part. Still, it made me feel better about being with a woman nearly 20 years older than me.

The last time I was at Barbara’s place, I looked at some of the pictures she had on the wall. There was Barbara in a Rutgers t-shirt. Standing next to her in a scarlet cap and gown was Tim.

How do I tell Tim I’m fucking his mother?


Don’t. Let Barbara do it. And watch what you say at work until she does.

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