Monday, December 13, 2010

The Lawsuit II

Dear Mr. Lafferty,

Thank you for taking the time to read my email. I saw your ad during an episode of Judge Mathis and think I have a legitimate lawsuit.

With the decline of the manufacturing industry in America, much of the value that this country produces is intellectual property. Some of our largest companies like Microsoft, Disney, and Google have value only because we place value on intellectual property. This makes it all the worse when one of these large companies steals their ideas.

Back in 2003, my friend Bobby and I were watching TV. (We were smoking a lot of pot at the time and probably drinking, but you don’t have to mention that in court.) While flipping through the channels, we stumbled across the movie Tron and were mesmerized. I found the movie very entertaining, but I was also struck by how poor the special effects looked. The movie was made in 1982 when computer animation was not as good as it is today. After the movie, we flipped through the channels and landed on music videos. I said to Bobby, “they should do a sequel to that movie. I bet it would do really well if they used some of the modern special effects. This band with the robots [the one on TV at the time] could make a cool soundtrack for it.” The band was no other than Daft Punk.

As you know, Disney will be releasing a new Tron movie this weekend, with a soundtrack by Daft Punk. I find it highly unlikely that Disney came up with the same idea I did. They must have overheard me and stole my idea. Do you think we have a lawsuit? I’m thinking $30 million, plus an associate producer credit.


Craig Rollins

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