Friday, August 6, 2010

A Great First Date

Last night I had the most awesome date. I haven’t been dating much lately, so I decided to give the a try. After a couple of email conversations that didn’t go anywhere, I started corresponding with Tara. The picture on her profile is hot, but you can put any picture up there. (Hell, the picture on my profile is my brother!) We appeared to have some good rapport over email, so I decided to set up a meeting at a bar yesterday.

I got to the bar early to get a few drinks in me to help with my nerves. Three shots of whiskey made me good and loose when Tara walked in. I was impressed; she looked better in real life than she did in her picture.

Tara was wearing a tasteful blouse and skirt, while I was wearing a ratty t-shirt and jeans. I apologized and told her I didn’t think we were dressing up for this date, but she said it was ok. I then started talking about the weather, which had been unusually hot lately. Tara accurately compared the weather to last week’s, which impressed me. This was followed by a comfortable silence where I stared at Tara with a sheepish grin and Tara looked at her drink. We had several other short conversations like this followed by periods of silence. Tara then excused herself to go to her mom’s house to fix her computer. I found it charming that Tara has a good relationship with her mother.

I called Tara the next day, but she didn’t answer. In our brief conversation, Tara mentioned that she wants to travel to Belize. I guess she’s in Belize now, and that’s why she hasn’t responded to me. I know we’ll have fun when she gets back though.

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