Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Rated R Movies, By Will Divide, Jr., Age 10

What is it about women’s boobies that make them turn a movie into a rated R movie? I have boobies. When I go to a pool, I don’t wear a shirt, and parents don’t seem to care. Babies get milk from their mom’s boobies. Apparently, it’s okay to see boobies as a baby, not ok to see them when you’re my age, and ok to see them again once you’re 18. Why is that? Does the sight of boobies at age 10 make you go crazy or turn into a witch?

Last spring while staying at my dad’s apartment, I found a bunch of pictures of naked women on his computer. Seeing those pictures didn’t turn me into a crazy person or a witch. The only thing I could tell from the pictures is that women’s boobies get bigger when they get older. This makes sense. Feet get bigger when you get older, so why shouldn’t boobies? They can show girls naked feet all the time in movies, but if they show a booby, the movie is rated R.

This makes me really mad. The movie could have a really cool explosion, or it could have some guy getting killed and his brains and skull spray all over the place. I want to see that stuff. The same movie has naked boobies in it, and suddenly it’s not allowed.

Even worse is swear words. Do you think I don’t know what they are? Do you think I don’t listen to Li’l Wayne? Do you think I don’t swear when talking to my friend Jimmy? I know all the swears and what they mean, so let’s stop pretending I don’t and let me watch an R rated movie with swears and boobies.

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