Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy Birthday

I wish I could stay at Reed College, but I have to transfer. Even worse, I can’t tell my parents why.

My girlfriend Kelly’s birthday was during finals week. She was finished with school and packed all of her stuff to move out of her one-person dorm room. I still giggle every time I attend lecture in one of the classrooms we used as our clandestine love shack. Kelly is definitely kinkier than me, and sometimes her desires crossed the line. For her birthday though, I told Kelly that she can do whatever she wants. Unfortunately for me, she wanted me to dress as a woman so that she could fuck me with a strap-on dildo.

I got to her room and put on a dress and some makeup. I was surprised at how good I looked. Kelly seemed happy. She dimmed the lights, lit a few candles, and put on some Marvin Gaye. Then she went at me.

Anal penetration really hurt, causing my eyes to well. Still, I wanted to perform for Kelly’s birthday, so I tried being a good trooper. Then one of Kelly’s candles ignited a box of her stuff, causing the smoke detector to go off. Kelly tried to extinguish the fire. I tried turning off the alarm above the locked door, but someone opened the door, knocking me to the floor. It was Jan, the dorm’s resident advisor, making sure that we were ok. Behind Jan were the students from the floor making their way to the fire escape. Everyone saw everything – me on the floor in a dress with runny mascara and Kelly with a strap-on trying to smother the fire with a towel.

Reed may be a liberal school, but I can never show my face on campus again.

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