Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In Defense of Joe Francis

America society is obsessed with celebrities. It’s how TMZ, VH-1, and countless magazines and tabloids make money. We especially love to build up celebrities only to revel in their downfall. Remember when everyone adored Brittney Spears? We couldn’t get enough of her. Then she did drugs and went crazy, and society watched in glee telling each other, “I told you so.” It seems that we don’t want to give anyone famous a break.

Take Joe Francis for example. When he first burst on the scene, everyone though he was amusing. It wasn’t like he was the brainchild of some evil puppet master. Joe Francis worked independently outside of the system. Nobody was doing what Joe Francis was doing when he started. It was original, and that’s part of the reason why he became so popular. In doing so, Joe Francis pioneered a genre. Lots of people have tried to replicate what he did, but no one has done it nearly as well. Why is he being vilified for this?

Joe Francis is an American icon. Parents (or at least the cool parents) should want their kids to grow up to be Joe Francis. After all, he’s rich and known throughout the world. It may be the 1000th time I’ve played it, but anytime I put on some of Joe Francis’ work, I still can’t help but crack a smile.

Oh wait. Did I say Joe Francis? I meant Black Francis. You know, the guy who was the lead singer of The Pixies. Isn’t Joe Francis the guy behind the Girls Gone Wild videos? Ok, forget what I said. Joe Francis is a dick.

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