Wednesday, July 14, 2010

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Recently, a post I wrote about how Adam Richman died generated the most comments ever - three! Today, I’d like to focus on the comments from the frequent comment poster Anonymous.

“not even true.” Correct. I have no evidence that Adam Richman is dead. You may have noticed the following:
• Nowhere else on the internet or in print media does anyone report that Richman is death.
• The site that claims that Richman is dead clearly states that the content is fiction. It’s not even in fine print; it states it in the about the author.

“He's still posting on Twitter.” Although I don’t use Twitter, I believe you. Of course, it’s also possible that a publicist or producer tweets as Richman. For better evidence of Richman’s non-demise, see the last paragraph.

“At least if you're going to attempt to spread hoaxes, like the leech you are, do some research.”
To make the posting seem more plausible, I did look up stuff about Richman, like how he appeared in soap operas. Your point is that I should research so that I don’t publish things that are false. If I did that, however, it would cease to be a hoax. I’d just be publishing news, which means my blog wouldn’t be, “original fiction by the author.” Also, my readership would drop to 3.

“sick idiot.” I’m healthy, and every IQ test I’ve taken put me at borderline Mensa, which is pretty far from idiot on the intellectual scale. Looks like someone needs to do some research.

That’s what makes the internet great though – anyone can post anything anonymously. Frankly, I can’t really complain about an angry rant in my comments section. It gives me fodder when I can’t think of anything else to write for the day.

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