Tuesday, July 20, 2010

A Hypothetical Question

Let’s say you’re a guy. And as a guy, you decide to write a blog as a lark. And let’s say that you decide that the blog might contain some vulgar or scandalous comments, the kind of thing you don’t want certain people to know came from you.

So let’s says you decide to come up with a pseudonym to give yourself some plausible deniability. Let’s say the pseudonym is something like Will Divide. And let’s say that you go on to publish under the Will Divide-like name for several months. And let’s say that you gain some devoted followers that do not know who you really are.

And let’s say that as a guy that you have a girlfriend. And you remember back to your days in school, when your teacher encouraged you to write what you know. So let’s say that you sometimes write blogs about said girlfriend, only you change the names of the “characters” to give yourself more plausible deniability. Let’s also say that some of the blogs about the girlfriend are of the vulgar or scandalous nature.

And let’s say that your girlfriend stumbles across the blog. And even though you used the Will Divide-like pseudonym, she can tell that you wrote the blog because she recognizes intimate details of her life. And let’s say that this pisses her off. A lot. Let’s also say that as punishment for writing the blog, said girlfriend decides to withhold sex from you. And let’s say that you, as a guy, really like sex. A lot. And that although you really like blogging, you are afraid that your already insufficiently-sized dick may atrophy to the point where you will never be able to have sex again.

Would you stop blogging?

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