Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Response to Craigslist Ad in the W4M Section

Hi there,

After reading your craigslist ad in the W4M section, I think we would be a good match. Allow me to elaborate.

You said you like a man in uniform or a man that works with his hands. I actually qualify as both, since I work as a garbage collector, and wear a jumpsuit to work every day. I think I look pretty sharp in it (before it gets covered in gunk), as it does a good job to cover my belly.

Another thing you said you were looking for was a guy that does not have children. I had children, but the state has custody of them. I wasn’t a bad father or anything; I made sure that they had all their shots and got ice cream when they were good. It turns out though that if you use your children while committing a felony, you’re not allowed to keep them.

You mentioned that you are looking for a man with a sense of humor. I’m always cracking up my co-workers on the truck or at the dump. I collect old Playboy and Penthouse magazines. Although I do look at the pictures, I’m also interested in the writing. Specifically, I read the jokes on the back of the centerfold picture. Then, when the time is appropriate, I tell one of the jokes I’ve memorized from the magazines. Once I got in trouble for telling a dirty gay joke when a Fernando was present. That’s why I only tell jokes at appropriate times.

Although I don’t have a computer, I can write you back the next time I am at the library. My cell phone is disconnected due to non-payment.

Hope to hear from you soon.


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