Thursday, September 30, 2010

Will Divide Attempts Live Blogging

A common aspect of blogging that I have not employed is live blogging. Live-blogging is when you take an event and blog short entries while it is happening. Since this blog is updated once daily, I decided to do live blogging as a guest on a friend’s blog. Here is the transcript of my live blog of having sex for the first time in 17 months.

9:37 PM –Katie and I have been very flirty. I think tonight’s the night.

9:41 PM – Katie secretly brushed her teeth. I think she’s planning to do some kissing. Oh shit, how is my breath?

9:44 PM – Great kissing. Katie doesn’t seem to mind my hand on her thigh. I’m going in for the kill.

9:45 PM – Katie asked me why I keep using my iPhone. I explained I’m dealing with a work emergency. (I’m actually updating this blog.) She apparently bought this.

9:52 PM – OMG Katie’s got nice breasts. I hope there’s not a puddle in my boxers.

9:57 PM – I have found the clit. At least I think I found it. Katie seems happy.

10:01 PM – I’m putting a condom on! It’s really happening. THIS IS NOT A DRILL!

10:03 PM – I came. I was hoping to last longer, but what do you expect after 17 months of celibacy? I sure hope Katie’s ok with it.

10:07 PM – Katie is leaving. I thought she would stay the night. This is probably bad.

10:11 PM – Lonely and feeling like a failure. I wish I could delay coming, but it just felt too damn good.

10:27 PM – Drank a lot of Smirnov I had lying around. Not feeling lonely or like a failure. Not feeling anything but goooooood.

10:29 PM – Feeling something else now.

10:30 PM – Puking.

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