Monday, May 3, 2010

Found in My Spam Folder III

My name is Dr. Vinjay Patel. I have spent 22 years as a clinical psychologist and pharmacological researcher, focusing on relationship counseling. In addition to the three books I have written about relationships, my research has been featured in The Journal of the American Medical Association, The New England Journal of Medicine, Lancet, and 22 other publications.

In my years of work, I have heard lots of complaints form both men and women. Usually, these issues can be resolved through counseling and improved communications. Sometimes, as in the case of male impotency, a drug can prove to be an effective treatment.

Take the case of Mr. and Mrs. Jones (not their real names). Mrs. Jones’ complaint is one of the most common grievances I hear from female patients. Although Mrs. Jones describes the couple’s lovemaking as "good," she still feels unsatisfied. After talking about her feelings over several sessions, we determined that Mrs. Jones’ unsatisfied feelings were the result of Mr. Jones not cuddling with her post-coitus. Instead, Mr. Jones usually went to the living room to watch TV.

To help Mrs. Jones feel more fulfilled, I prescribed the Joneses a new drug Rufidrol, which is now available to the public without a prescription. Rufidrol contains an active ingredient similar to that in Rohypnol (or "roofies"), the same drug unsavory men have been using to rape women for years. Just a 10 mg dose turned Mr. Jones from a darting “wham, bam, thank you ma’am” to a euphoric and docile cuddler. Mrs. Jones now describes the couple’s sexual experience as “spectacular,” and Mr. Jones has never felt more rested. Rufidrol can do the same thing for you and your man.

Don’t have another night of unsatisfying sex. Get Rufidrol for the post-coital cuddle you deserve.