Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Solutions to the BP Oil Disaster, By Will Divide Jr., Age 9

The oil company British Petroleum was drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico. Apparently their drill broke and caused the Gulf of Mexico to fill with oil, in much the same way the land filled with oil after Jed Clampett shot a hole in the ground in the beginning of The Beverly Hillbillies. Birds, fish, and trees can’t eat oil, so they die. Ms. Macey asked my class to come up with ways to stop and clean up the oil. Here is my solution.

Last year, my dad gave me some old baseball cards. This guy named Julio Cruz used to play for the Houston Astros. Back then, the Astros played in a place called “The Astrodome.” (People were a lot less creative with their names back then.) I saw on the internet that the Astrodome is still there, but no one is using it. We should take the Astrodome and put it over the leak to stop it. Since Houston is on the Gulf of Mexico, they wouldn’t have to take it far.

My mom has this bath sponge that used to live in the sea. When I asked her why the sponge didn’t soak up the ocean, she said that the sponge needs to be dead to soak up stuff. Since the oil is killing all living things, it’s killing sponges too, which should be able to soak up the oil. Of course there may not be enough sponges in the Gulf to get all of the oil, so we may need to add some more. Since it is my week to clean the bathroom, I have no problem giving all of the sponges in the house to the cause. My dad says that mom’s new boyfriend is a sponge. He can go in the Gulf too.

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