Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Coffee, No Cream

Every morning before work, I stop by Stumptown Coffee for a latte. Amy usually works the register. Although she’s pretty, it’s not like Amy’s looks will stop traffic. She’s thin and not very curvy, and Amy’s face has nice features but she’ll never be the next model for Maybelline.

Men in line ordering their coffee hit on Amy. It’s amazing. Men will ask her to go to dinner sometime, or go on vacation at the coast, or even go with them to a hotel for the afternoon. Amy always politely declines. Most of the rest of the men act sheepishly towards Amy, as if they were ordering coffee from Megan Fox. It makes me ashamed to be a man.

Last night I did what I usually do before bed – check out internet porn. I went to my favorite tube site to find suitable masturbation material. I stared watching a video of a guy and a skinny girl going at it. Soon two men joined the couple in bed, and all four go at it. Through the flurry of male humping, I could see a familiar face. At first I though she was a porn start that I’d seen before, but then I realized it was Amy from the coffee shop! I did some Google searches for her pornstar name, and found that Amy had done a bunch of depraved porn. Who knew?

This morning, the guy in front of me at the coffee shop offered to take Amy to British Columbia. I felt meek as I ordered my coffee from Amy. She had to ask me to speak up a couple of times. I have become one of those guys.

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