Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Photosynthesis" by Will Divide, Jr, Age 9

Photosynthesis is the way that plants make food for themselves. Plant’s need photosynthesis, since they lack the thumbs that people use to work microwaves, which is the common way that people make food.

At first I thought based on its root words that “photosynthesis” was how plants make fake pictures, but it would be hard for plants to make pictures without thumbs. It turns out that it means “putting together light” in Greek. Apparently, this is a reference to the light bulb trees of Madagascar.

Plants take light and water, and turn it into green stuff. Even carrots do photosynthesis, although carrots end up making orange-colored green stuff. Although plants make green stuff, they cannot make all green stuff. For example, they cannot make boogers. My mom also likes to point out that money doesn’t grow on trees. I think mom is lying, because money is made of paper, and paper is made from trees.

Some plants don’t need to do photosynthesis because they can eat bugs and small frogs. One of these plants is the Venus flytrap. My mom’s friend Linda has a Venus flytrap. When I was at Linda’s house, I proved that a Venus flytrap cannot eat a Yoda action figure. This got me in trouble. I wonder if Einstein ever got in trouble for testing science stuff out.

In conclusion, photosynthesis is what makes the world green. Without it, the world would be brown, kind of like a Western movie. I don’t like the way Western movies look. I’d prefer the world to be green, like in the Lord of the Rings and Avatar. Of course, none of these movies took place on earth, but they were filmed on earth because they haven’t figured out how to film stuff on other planets yet.

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