Monday, April 12, 2010

Marvy Thompson Live in Kansas City

In a blog entry from last week, I published the obituary of Mavin Thompson, who was recently named worst stand-up comedian according to a list on

While at a thrift store over the weekend, I found a real goldmine for $.25 – the concert album “Marvy Thompson Live in Kansas City.” Although the album hasn’t been commercially available for over 35 years, it’s not much of a collector’s item.

For you my precious blog readers, I have transcribed some of the album here. Certainly, some of the meaning is lost in transcription, but I think you’ll appreciate Marvy Thompson as much as I do.

Marvy Thompson: I flew in to St. Louis earlier today on Eastern. Have you ever…

Audience: Inaudible shouting and booing

MT: Sorry, Kansas City. Cut me some slack please. I’m just getting started. Sorry. So I flew into Kansas City on Eastern Airlines. And they served me some food. They called it Salisbury steak, but it was just a lumpy, runny, brown mess.

Audience: Increasingly loud chatter

MT: Can you keep it down. I’m getting to the punchline. If I wanted to eat poo on a plate, I could have eaten at home. I’m sure I could have put some peas in there too. Oh wait, did I mention that there were peas in the Salisbury steak? I probably should have. The joke would have been funnier.

Voice in the audience: No, it still isn’t funny.

Another voice in the audience: Why don’t you clear off this table and let a real comedian have the microphone.

MT: Ladies and gentleman, the President of Eastern Airlines is in the audience today. Why don’t you take a bow?

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