Monday, April 19, 2010

How the Dinosaurs Died, TV Special

On Wednesday at 7:00 PM Eastern Time, the Science Channel is pleased to present you the special “How the Dinosaurs Died.” This special will explore the rapid mass extinction of dinosaur species using new scientific evidence that questions existing assumptions.

“Current scientific theory states that either a massive volcanic eruption or an asteroid that thrust fine particulate matter into the upper atmosphere is responsible for dinosaur extinction 65 million years ago,” Dr. Dale White, Pre-historic Biology Professor at Oregon State University explained. “Although researchers have found some fossilized evidence to support both theories, neither can be reasonable proven. I believe that the evidence the researchers at OSU have discovered shows a different path that may prove more satisfactory than the existing theories.”

Professor White’s team discovered that the reticulated elm tree evolved around the same time that the dinosaurs died and propagated rapidly due to its evolutionary advantage of quick growth. These trees produced a sweet fruit that Professor White claims would be popular with herbivorous dinosaurs. “On their own, these fruit are benign,” Professor White explained. “However, when mixed with stomach acid and other common species in the herbivore diet such as dandelion, it produces a potent and concentrated cyanide gas. Once expelled, the gas would kill every breathing species for miles, depending on the size of the dinosaur that digested the fruit.”

In this special, you can: see people give interviews in front of a bookshelf, watch computer simulations of large lizards sniffing the air and then falling over dead, hear ominous synthesizer music, and listen to a narrator with a compelling voice explain things that should be obvious.

Did the dinosaurs die from volcano, asteroid, or noxious fart? Watch the Science Channel Special “How the Dinosaurs Died,” and decide for yourself.

We hope you tune in.

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